Examples Of Ethical Issues In The Movie Jerry

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The movie Jerry McGuire is funny romantic comedy, with ethical issues woven into the plot. Jerry McGuire, played by Tom Cruise, is a sports agent in the 1990’s. Jerry is successful sports agent working for a large company, where the sole goal is to make more and more money. In the beginning of the movie Jerry experiences a deceitful, deception and dishonesty culture from his coworkers. Jerry decides this isn’t the way he wants to conduct business. In the movie we see Jerry write a mission statement that reflects his feelings of dismay of how their business has grown to be all about how much money you can make while feeling less and less, he states they are at a point of crisis, needing a new direction. While everyone cheers, at his statement, because it reflects how they really feel, Jerry still whines up getting fired the next day. This movie shows Jerry’s ethical decisions in business and life as he starts over with his own company.…show more content…
Jerry has to start at the bottom and work his way back up, but he is determined to do it the ethical way. Rod and Jerry’s relationship in the beginning is agent/client but as the movie progresses you can see their relationship changing to being friends. The only other relationship Jerry has is the one with his accountant, Dorothy. The relationship that Jerry forms with Dorothy becomes the forever kind, as Dorothy falls in love with Jerry immediately, Jerry takes longer and a more misdirected path in realizing his love for Dorothy. Even though they marry early in the film Jerry still doesn’t release that Dorothy is his forever love, till much later in the

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