The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle Essay

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The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, an attention grasping novel written by the famous author Avi. This novel specifically is completely based off of a flashback. The story is completely viewed from the eyes of Charlotte Doyle and she tells the truth “as she lived it”. Though the book is a flashback, I’ll tell about Charlotte’s homecoming, when she finally gets off the Seahawk. Charlotte is making a voyage across the Atlantic. Unfortunately, Charlotte’s father chose a ruthless captain, all her father really knew was speed. This captain made the quickest voyages, but he’d also murdered. He treated his crew like dogs. It’s up to Charlotte to bring him down, for the safety of the crew, which she did a few hours prior to her homecoming.…show more content…
Charlotte’s mother wasn’t fond of the condition of Charlotte’s clothes. The gloves were very muddy and the dress even worse. When her mother asked about the clothes, Charlotte lied and said, “I had to wash my own clothes, momma.” The family arrived at their house, Charlotte expresses that it was bigger than she remembered. Charlotte’s father ordered the maid to burn Charlotte’s old clothes. Charlotte pulled out miniature pants and a shirt given to her by her close friend, Zachariah. The maid asked if she was going to keep them, and seemed shocked. Charlotte lied again, “I’m going to show them to my parents,” she said. Charlotte was ordered to keep a journal about her voyage, and was warned that her father would read it, and look for bad spelling. Charlotte told the whole truth, from killings to being sent to the brig. Her father accused her of lying, and told her that she should be ashamed. Charlotte was sent to her room. She begged the maid for friendship. The maid refused. Charlotte then started to offer gifts when the maid brought her newspapers without asking her father

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