Acceleration By Graham Mcnamee: Novel Analysis

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The novel Acceleration further advances to an unexpected ending in the second half of the novel. Graham McNamee continues to use Duncan’s situation as a method to portray that guilt cannot be redeemed without compensation of our own actions. In this half of the novel, Duncan introduces Vinny to Roach as he realizes that he can no longer freelance the situation. They come up with a theory, from their several library books, of his description and discover his job from a receipt found in Roach’s journal. Roach later comes to Duncan’s lost and found job requesting his journal. Duncan tracks him home and now Wayne is getting involved by picking the lock to Roach’s house and letting them in. Roach arrives home leaving Duncan trapped in his basement closet. He realizes his stuff has been tampered…show more content…
Both of these situations portray a message that sometimes we are the only ones capable of doing something that will help another. Both Duncan and Katniss are looked upon as the weak ones in society but they know their true potential. We are never powerless in any situation and we might just be the only person one can rely on. Taking down Roach had taught Duncan that he does have a life outside of the Jungle and he isn’t just another unsuccessful delinquent. Everyone has a purpose in their lives and what we do in ours could save someone else’s life. Throughout the course of the book it is clear that Graham McNamee is trying to highlight multiple themes around guilt. The book is centered upon Duncan trying to find and stop Roach so he can stop having the nightmares about the drowning girl. This situation is what made me realize that living with guilt is harder than acting against it. We all have the potential to act against our guilt but we do nothing because of societal standards. The lower the class someone lives in, they feel more powerless as if they aren’t capable of compensating for their guilt. This is because we have created a rigid structure

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