The Textile Mill's Struggle In The Film Norma Rae

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Undoubtedly, the movie Norma Rae successfully encompassed the many different struggles of the working individual during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Norma Rae is a minimum wage employee of O.P. Henley Textile Mill. Within the small town where Norma lives, the textile Mill is the main source of work for the town. Generations of families have worked at the Mill where they endured many hardships and unfair conditions. For instance, while on a lunch break Norma realized that her mother became temporarily deaf from the loud machinery. Immediately she informed the manager on duty of what was happening, unfortunately, the manager brushed the situation off and nonchalantly gave her the option to leave work without pay, continue to work, or quit. With the rise of unionization throughout the country, it was only a matter of time before the union reached the small town. Eventually, the Textile Workers Union of America (TWUA), based out of New York, sent a union representative named Reuben Warshowsky to the Textile Mill. Granted,…show more content…
While on her break Norma attempted to copy the flyer posted on the bulletin board but was harassed by management to stop copying the flyer. She is then fired on the spot and escorted out of the building. Before leaving Norma stood up on the table, took a cardboard box and wrote the words “union”. One by one, employees began turning their machines off in support of her efforts. Once outside of the premises she was taken to jail and charged with disorderly conduct. Although she had been jailed and had to endure her past life experiences exposed Norma wanted to see her hard work through to the end. On the day of the union decision Norma and Reuben stood outside waiting to hear the verdict, all 800 employees should up at the Mill, after all votes were counted the union won with over 400 votes. Reuben left town to embark on another journey to unionize the next

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