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Feral Children Feral children are children that have lived with limited to no human contact from a young age due to abandonment or confinement by their parents. In folklore, they are represented as living in the wild and being raised by animals. Due to the lack of human interaction, most of these children suffer from mental impairments, hindered language ability, a lack of social skills, and physical problems. Two well-known, fictional examples of feral children are portrayed in Tarzan and The Jungle Book. Another example of feral children is the Roman mythological story of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. One story of a feral child that has been proven to be true is the story of Oxana Malaya. The Ukrainian girl was thrown out of her home at age 3 by her alcoholic…show more content…
The name genie was chosen because a genie is trapped in a lamp but it eventually escapes just like Genie did. Genie’s father locked her away when she was a young child because he thought that she was mentally retarded. She was locked in a small room with no lighting and was abused by her father every time she made a noise. One day, Genie and her mother managed to escape from her father and they moved in with her mother’s parents. Three weeks after their escape, Genie’s mother, who was blind, went to seek disability benefits and brought Genie with her. Her mother accidentally walked into the social services office where a representatice noticed the state that Genie was in and sensed something was wrong. The social worker assumed Genie was around 6 years old and was shocked to find out she was only 13. Genie’s mother was questioned and the police were contacted. The police took Genie away and her parents were finally arrested. Her father killed himself before his trial date and her mother’s charges were dropped because she had been trying to escape and did not take part in Genie’s abuse. At age 13, Genie had the mental capacity and motor skills of a 13 month old baby and

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