Has Football Sold Its Soul To The Media Essay

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Has Football Sold its Soul to the Media? The increase in investments in football has been considered as a force of good since it has revolutionized various aspects of the game for the better. In actual sense, money has revolutionized football by contributing to its development as a globalized sport that connects people together. These investments have also been characterized by the increased inclusion of the media, especially television in the football. Media has played a crucial role in changing the face of football just like increased investments in this sport. However, there have been numerous concerns and questions in the recent past on whether football has sold its soul to the media, which is increasingly changing the face of football. Actually, the increased use of the media and its impact on football has remained a major controversial issue. While this trend has been associated with some major benefits, it has been…show more content…
The sport has changed to an extent that it is now more than a sport since it is currently a brand and the most popularized game across the globe. The increased globalization and popularity of this sport is attributed to the fact that it is currently watched and loved by billions of people worldwide and has emerged as a billion dollar business and industry (Bayley, 2013). As compared to the early days, football in the modern society is increasingly commercialized through increased investments by companies and individuals. The massive investments and tremendous impact of the media on football has contributed to concerns that major investors are destroying the roots and soul of the game. These money-making mandarins are accused of destroying the game through constantly seeking for means of globalizing, commercializing, and sanitizing the

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