Argumentative Essay On Aboriginal Education

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Aboriginal Education: An Epidemic The topic of Aboriginals and attaining a decent education is a very touchy one within Canada. Even after they were put through extreme discrimination, terrible living conditions, and nightmare-causing Residential Schools, the question, "Aboriginals get their education for free?," still seems to be circulating. That seems to be the only argument that arises when talking about Aboriginals and their education. Most of the population is too busy being consumed by ignorance, that everyone seems to be losing sight of how important it is that everyone supports and encourages Aboriginal youth to pursue post-secondary education. How does one argue with that ignorance? With the fact of oppression that the Aboriginals faced for…show more content…
This council allows representation for aboriginal students and any related issues. The representative can offer help with academic questions, voicing opinions, and how to become more involved with Aboriginal programs. During an interview with Aboriginal resource office staff member, as well as Aboriginal grad student, Thomas Dymond, he spoke out about the Aboriginal community at Memorial. Dymond is apart of the Bear River First Nations Mi’kmaq from Bear River, Nova Scotia. Currently working on his masters’ degree, he talks about the misconceptions of “free education.” The application deadline is the first June preceding fall enrollment. If granted funding, it covers the cost of tuition and textbooks, and living expenses. “The money is helpful, but is not enough to live off of.” (Dymond, T. 2015) Typically, funding is only given for one degree, and is only provided if the education is advancing. Dymond has applied for funding for his masters’ degree twice, and was denied each time. In the conclusion if the interview, Dymond revealed that there are architectural plans for an Aboriginal building- but that is years in the

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