Lactase And Milk Lab Report

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Conclusion The purpose of the experiment was to investigate the action of the enzyme lactase. In the experiment I had find the action of the enzyme lactase by dipping a glucose test strip in 3 milliliters of water, glucose solution, regular milk ,and milk with a crushed lactase enzyme in different test tubes. My group had to stir the all the solutions for 15 seconds and wait for 4 minutes then put the test strip in for 1 minute and write our observations on the color of the indicator on the strip. Through this experiment I learned that milk with lactase has glucose present just like I thought prior to the start of the experiment. It also showed that regular milk doesn’t have any glucose. As expected the positive control (glucose solution) had glucose present and the negative control (water) had no glucose.…show more content…
In the experiment the testing strip that was in the water stayed the same and had no change in color. This meant that the water that was tested negative for the presence of glucose. The testing strip that was placed in the glucose solution had a change in color; the strip went from a shade of light green to a dark shade of brown. The darkening of the stick shows that there was a high presence of glucose found in the glucose solution. When the milk was tested the color of the strip didn’t have any change in color. The outcome showed that there was no glucose present in the milk. The glucose testing strip that was dipped in the milk with lactase turned brown and yellow but still had small specks of green left. This data revealed that the milk didn’t have any enzyme to break the sugar which is why regular milk didn’t have any glucose. It also showed when lactase is to milk it breaks the lactose down into glucose and

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