Depiction Of Eve In Giovanni's Art

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In Giovanni Della’s 1469-1529/1530 century Italian sculpture he created his depiction of what he saw Adam and Eve to be. This marble made sculpture showed Adam on the left side and Eve on the right, in the middle stood a tree with a serpent wrapped around it who possessed what was seen to be Eve’s head. During this era women were seen as corrupt and his artwork vividly represented this. He revealed Eve handing Adam an apple, which symbolized the fruit of knowledge. This illustration particularly stood out because both Adam and Eve wore a face of pure innocence. However Giovanni captured the intensity of emotion within the serpent, the face of the serpent relayed emotions of sorrow and despair. This profound portrayal invoked questions of why did the serpent look so remorseful when staring into the eyes of Eve. Instead of looking into the eyes of Adam why was…show more content…
Although this is true Adam seems hesitant while taking the fruit. His facial expression conveyed an emotion of uncertainty, this uncertainty seemed to stem from Eve’s offering’s. Adam’s body language revealed his burning love/craving to please and be with his companion Eve, with this yearning need Adam obeyed the voice of Eve before God. The back story of Adam and Eve indicated that Adam was the innocent one in the situation, however the painting suggested something else. The painting showed Adam in a different light from what history portrayed him as. In the painting Adam was seen as completely competent and aware of what was going on. Adam knew he was not to eat any fruit from this particular tree but when this fruit was offered from the women he loved he did otherwise. Giovanni successfully captured the feeling rummaging through the heart of Adam, he purposefully sculpted the feeling of uncertainty and regret on Adam’s face. This minor detail served a large purpose when analyzing the relationship between men and women in

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