The Cask Of Amontillado Research Paper

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In this short story we can appreciate how someone is able to do different things when it is being consumed by revenge and hatred. Edgar Allan Poe showed us a little bit of the relation between Montresor and Fortunato and how they treated each other in their lives. While Fortunato thought Montresor was kind and gentle, it was the exact opposite, Montresor was planning how to get rid of it, how to get revenge. The Cask of Amontillado takes place in Italy. Fortunato was a rich man with a big ego, but he had a weakness for the wine, he liked to drink and drink until the last bottle of wine was over; in the other hand we have Montresor, he was an honorable man who came from a respectful family. Fortunato offended by insults Montresor and this one wanted to take revenge of it. Montresor draws an evil plan to take revenge on what Fortunato made to him, he attacked him to his biggest weakness, the wine.…show more content…
After a few minutes talking about, Fortunato insist that he wanted to go for the wine, but Montresor said that the wine was at the bottom of the catacombs, completely falling into the trap that would take him directly to his death. Montresor was persuading Fortunato in different ways, in which he fell completely unaware of what was happening. They went to the catacombs, Fortunato was so exited, because he really wanted to go and try that special wine. While Montresor and Fortunato were going down of the catacombs it started to feel cold and darker, everything was getting scary; there were skulls on the walls and strange sounds. Fortunato began to feel sick and coughed a lot from the cold and the potassium nitrate that was in there, but he did not care about it, for him the only thing what matters at that moment was going for the

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