The Road To Brown Film Analysis

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: AFRICAN -AMERICAN STUDIES AND THE CIVIL RIGHT MOVEMENT The Road to Brown film is a dramatic portrayal of how African Americans fought the battle to gain full legal equality with the whites, under the American constitution. It is also a moving story of the dedicated and courageous lawyer black lawyer, Charles Houston, who killed Jim Crow. The Road to Brown looks at different cases and the role each of these cases played in building up the landmark ruling in Brown V Board of education. Charles Houston’s strategy as Dean at Harvard Law School was to change the school’s curriculum so that he would imprint on new generation lawyers to first reclaim and then preserve blacks. He wanted to use precedent cases in the US to make segregation such an expensive venture that it would not survive.…show more content…
Adolph Plessy (a Caucasian) wanted to test the legality of this law and rode in a “whites only” train. He was arrested and the issue taken to court. This led to Plessy v. Ferguson case whereby the court sought to establish whether the Louisiana law mandating racial segregation on its trains was unconstitutional and whether or not it was an infringement on the equal protection clauses issued in earlier precedents (i.e. the 14th Amendment). As things stood, black US citizens were denied their right to vote, to be buried in white cemeteries, or to treat in white hospitals and a host of other segregations. It was during this era that the phrase “separate but not equal” was introduced. The court ruled that segregation did not amount to unlawful

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