Thesus And Hippolyta Quotes Analysis

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Thesus and Hippolyta are known as the Duke and Duchess of Athens. Their relationship is not explored as deeply as the others, but it can be inferred what it is like. Their love is not of equal balance. Thesus has more power over Hippolyta, because he won her love. Thesus: Hippolyta, I woo’d thee with my sword, / And won thy love, doing thee injuries. However, there is a legend of characters shown before the play and in the part about Thesus and Hippolyta, a quote says that he married the queen of the Amazons. “ How he defeated an invasion of Amazons, and married their Queen, Hippolyta.” Since she was captured and married to, Hippolyta doesn’t truly love Thesus. She only speaks to Thesus in private and is rarely in any of the scenes. Hermia and Lysander have a strong love that they will try to be with each other, even if their parents are against it. They are willing to leave Athens so they can be together. In this quote, Shakespeare shows Lysander’s plans:…show more content…
On the other hand, Helena is a desperate, doting woman who falls head-over-heels for Demetrius, who is stubborn and rude to her. Helena’s unrequited love for Demetrius make her expose her friends in order to have Demetrius’ heart. In this quote, Demetrius reveals his hatred for

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