The Push For Reconciliation In Walt Whitman's Song Of Myself

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Walt Whitman's Push for Reconciliation in "Songs of Myself" Whitman's work "Song of Myself" contains many elements that have been interpreted in a variety of different ways. His depiction of the underlying unity of things and people is unmistakable regardless of the fact the he writes of his "self" a definite sense of union with the collective is imparted to the reader. This universal relationship of the "self" is Whitman's key feature in "Songs of Myself". Many take note of the various ideals and different approaches Whitman uses to describe the self and while many suggest he was merely expressing his own spiritual outlook of his life, Whitman had another more important motive for his work as well. Although Whitman writes only of his…show more content…
It seems Whitman has constructed in his poem a feeling of underlying unity that the reader is drawn to discover in their own selves. Whitman was known for having felt that his own country and the people that comprise were a great whole that depended on the harmony of the individuals that comprise it. It is in this spirit that Whitman wrote "Songs of Myself" in a effort to reach out to his fellow Americans and offer a lens to help them see the great underlying unity of their nation and importance of all members so that they may act to preserve their nation with this insight. My aim is to show that Whitman did in fact have underlying intentions for "Song of Myself" to help provide a fresh outlook towards the individuals and societies relationship and reliance on harmony hoping to spread this idea to promote a spirit prosperity in his nation. Whitman is illustrating in these poems not just himself but moreover a picture of the collective that is comprised of everything. Understanding Whitman's approach at the promotion of union and compatibility in "Song of Myself" will be key in showing his desire to speak out to his fellow man. Whitman's…show more content…
This gives a feeling of being able to reconcile all the different aspects that seems to be in conflict. Whitman seems to wish and give his audience a sense of dissolution of the boundaries that separate things. Bringing his audience to place where they can identify with aspects of life that are even unfamiliar or distant. It appears Whitman feels society engages in unnecessary conflict that can be avoided if people saw things differently. It is this desire to help others see things in this unified light that ultimately drove Whitman to write Songs of myself. The Vigor that Whitman expresses this message is unmistakable. Kepner writes of it, "This commitment of Whitman's to lead the reader to self-discovery of the truth of the universe can also be seen to explain the structure of the poem as well as the function of the catalogs. Whitman wants his poem to look like the universe be is describing, a universe vast and thoroughly interrelated"(Kepner 202). He adamantly felt through his poetry he could provide the people a voice that would draw them together and strengthen the bonds of the nation. .Whitman specially developed his poetic style with this purpose in mind. To get his message more widespread he wanted to broaden his audience from the conventional middle to upper class and reach out to encompass all men of his

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