Argumentative Essay On Immigrant Children

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Yousef Hariri Loretta Ramirez CHLS 114 7, May 2015 Immigrant Children Many people see the United States as a country of freedom and they risk everything to start a new chapter with a better life and opportunities. Some even leave their family and start a new life hoping that one day they’ll have enough money to bring their family over. However when immigrants come to the United States, their kids suffer adjusting to a new life style. Many Americans do not want immigrants coming into America because they take all the jobs, however immigrants just want to start a new life and come to America, the land of the free, to find opportunities that will change their life. Many families flee from South America and come to the U.S. because of the many…show more content…
do so because of the job opportunities, they believe it will be safer, and some immigrate because no matter how small the chances are, they still believe they have a chance in living in the United States. “The children in particular are being sent here by parents who believe that the children are in imminent danger. Given that being smuggled into the United States can itself end in death, it stands to reason that conditions must be extremely bad for Central American parents to send their children on such a risky journey.” (Ewing) The American government treats these scared, innocent immigrants poorly yet that is exactly what they are running away from. They want to be somewhere safer, and they risk their lives to sneak into America, yet we deport them back. By sending them back, we basically state that we do not care about them, and for a country that has freedom and justice, we behave as just another Central American country to…show more content…
Children of immigrants are most of the time U.S. citizens because they were born in the U.S. “The major challenge facing Mexican immigrants and their children is their limited opportunity for economic integration, owing in large part to their low education, skills, and financial resources.” (Landale,Thomas, Hook)Without a good education, these parents have low-income jobs and barely have enough to survive while supporting the family. “For these reasons, many scholars and policy analysts are concerned that the Mexican-origin population may remain socially marginalized and economically disadvantaged well into the future.” (Landale,Thomas, Hook) Immigrants are looked down upon because they come to America and want our jobs, our lives, and our education. However what we, Americans, fail to see is that they just want an escape from their dangerous and poor lives in Central America. Instead of deporting the immigrants, we should learn to understand where they come from and the things they had to deal with just to be a part of the American

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