The Pros And Cons Of Sex Trafficking

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Sex Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that exist throughout the United States and globally. It is one of the biggest lies in society (Farley et., 2014). The Vanderbilt Law review indicates that the majority of prostitutes do not enter the prostitution life style on their own free will choice but instead become prostitutes due to a variety of vulnerabilities that both pimps and traffickers exploit. That is how a prostitute can get blindsided and think they are becoming a prostitute when in reality they are a sex trafficking victim (Elrod 2015). When the United States made prostitution illegal, it did not change the johns. The johns still have the desire to have sex and feel dominant. In order to keep up with the demand pimps found a way to illegally capture girls and keep the supply alive. (Hunt, Kliorys, Shively & Wheeler 2012). Sex trafficking runs off of a supply and demand method, that pimps have found a way to get away with. Those that do not enter prostitution "voluntary" are sex-trafficked by manipulation, grooming or either sold. Prostitution and sex trafficking both put women at risk. They both are so close to being linked it is nearly impossible to prove a woman goes into prostitution freely (Orme & Ross 2015). Manipulation The situations sex trafficking victims face vary dramatically. One…show more content…
Another tactic that is commonly used is false promises. Pimps promise girls opportunities that they cannot follow through with. Some examples are trips to go traveling, and job opportunities (Orme & Ross 2015). The most common falsely advertised employment opportunities are modeling, dancing, singing, or being a nanny. These recruits will pay for their own flights, upon arrival, these are seized and a process of 'breaking in' happens. During the "breaking in" process the girl is emotionally, physically, and psychologically abused such as rape, torture, starvation, and sleep deprivation in order for her to depend on her pimp (Weitzer

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