Advantages And Disadvantages Of Google Making USupid

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We have become more and more dependent of technology, which in turn has made complexity simpler than ever. The problem with Google in general is that it’s making us think superficially and shallow. The lack of in depth reading, browsing from one page to another, and multitasking draws attention towards negative effects of the internet. Articles A, B and D exemplify that Google indeed, is making us stupid, although we don’t take that into consideration. Google is making us stupid since the disadvantages involved influence us negatively, it distracts us from the real world and although many have entirely disapproved and make the claim that Google makes us smarter, research wise, it makes us stupid. Clearly, Google has impacted us all negatively…show more content…
Many may say that Google is making us smarter for the fact that it’s faster, lets us think better, gives an opportunity for more creative and informed creations, exposes us to a diversity of ideas and has made us smarter collectively but also individually, in the other hand, Google has disadvantages like the use of skimming, browsing from one page to another and multitasking which has lead to people's spans dropping according to Article D. This is significant because although Google may have some advantages, the downside affects us more profoundly and takes away from our intelligence. As a matter of fact, disclaimers that Google is making us stupid state that our ability to solve problems depends not on the the knowledge they can store but on their capacity to connect to a place where they can retrieve to answer to find a solution according to Article A. However, Article B clearly states that if you can store information you understand less, remember less, and learn less, thus Google contributing to the lack of your intelligence grasped from Googling, texting and surfing. After all, Google is making us stupid because you don’t think deeply about the information you read, and don’t store it for future reference. In the end, as stated by the articles and experts, Google is making us stupid little by little without us taking that into consideration. So, get on your feet

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