The Pros And Cons Of Legalization Of Euthanasia

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Legalization of Euthanasia Introduction According to Webster, euthanasia is the act or practice that involves permitting the death or killing of persons who are seriously injured or hopelessly sick in a way that is relatively painless due to mercy (Haldar, 2010). It is usually referred to as mercy killing. It is one of the most controversial issues discussed in many parts of the world. In various parts of the world, doctors do not have the permission to end the lives of patients that are terminally ill and unable to recover because the law does not allow them. From previous debates conducted, legitimate concerns have been witnessed from either side as to whether it should be constitutional for these individuals to be killed or not as an act of mercy. Death is meant to be a natural process, but for this case, it is undertaken on purpose with the view that it is used to relieve pain. There are various reasons as to why euthanasia needs to be legalized by the government. There is need to determine whether legislation should be introduced to allow individuals that are mentally competent but terminally ill to make a choice regarding assisted death. Statement Counter Argument…show more content…
Individuals who do not support euthanasia argue that it violates the right of life (Caroline & Christoph, 2015). Additionally, it faces opposition from religious opponents. They argue that only God should decide the time that a person dies, but what we need to recognize is that, in life, suffering forms an inevitable part. Hence, we need to understand suffering and grow from it rather than evade it. As a matter of fact, if anyone could be in the shoes of the terminally ill, they might prefer to die rather than suffer in pain and misery. Since they might understand the hopes of the terminally ill during these moments and the depressing pain feelings that they have to go

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