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In many films, many people often miss small details that contribute heavily to the overall meaning of the movie. The movie, Pleasantville was very descriptive in the way the director makes choices to enhance the overall meaning and the impact of the movie. The most obvious meaning in the movie was color represents someone changing. Every person was seen in black and white and as soon as they did something outside their comfort zone or something they never did, they would change color. For instance, when Bud saw a red rose after he had sex with Mary Sue showed that he was doing something different that he wasn't used to doing. He was seeing life in a different way. There was specific scene that stood out to me. Margaret represents the temptress…show more content…
In the movie, the firefighters only saved the cats and they had no fires in the town. The director enhanced the impact of the meaning by addressing is two different levels of understanding on the movie. The two different meanings are the oppression of women and people and the Civil rights era. Women were oppressed when they were seen outside the house, not taking care of their husband was seen as obscene. The wife was painted on the store window, it was viewed as scandalous because she was naked and it was seen in color. Everyone in the town viewed the wife as a harlot. The oppression of people was demonstrated when people started changing color. The colored people were separated from the unchanged people. The colored people were harassed throughout the town. The unchanged people isolated them from their society. This movie represents the Civil Rights era. The whites oppressed African Americans for being different and not having the same color as them. In the movie, the unchanged people started burning items that represented different or strange to the town. The KKK were burning down African Americans homes, churches and other facilities that were important to

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