The Process Essay: How To Desensitize Teeth

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Summer is not far away so it is understandable you want to look your best during the days ahead. While you already have gotten your body ready for this year's new swimsuit, have you taken action to make sure your smile is as brilliant as it could be? Having your dentist whiten your teeth is one way to make your smile gleam, but, there are a couple of steps you should take first to help ensure whitening success. Desensitize Teeth During the teeth whitening process, your teeth are going to be exposed to both chemicals and heat. If you already have sensitive teeth, you may find the whitening process gives you a great deal of discomfort. One way you can get around this is to work on desensitizing your teeth before the procedure. An over-the-counter sensitive toothpaste is something you must turn to if you have never used one before, and you can get it at your supermarket. The pores in your teeth are what exposes your dental nerves to the heat and chemicals. When you use toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth, it blocks these pores, and that may remove potential discomfort.…show more content…
These swabs look just like the cotton buds you use to clean your ears, except that Vitamin E lotion is housed in the stem of the swab. When you snap the stem at the indicated line, the Vitamin E then flows up into the cotton swab end. Rubbing Vitamin E lotion swabs along your gums prior to whitening may help to desensitize the gum line. Additionally, the same swabs can be used after the procedure to reduce any irritation being felt. This is because Vitamin E has healing properties, and is also effective for reducing gum

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