How Did The Great Depression Affect Part-Farming Families

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The Great Depression was a major part of United States history. It affected almost every family in America at the time. It was the worst depression to ever hit America up until this time. The farmers of the time were really hit hard. Many tried very hard to make the best of their resources during World War I, and did fairly well doing so. But the prices soon fell and many also tried again to create more of the crops they had to help pay their debts off. But the prices had dropped so low that many of the farmers were forced into bankruptcy. Instead of coal families would use their corn to burn since it was cheaper and money was very tight. Many farmers during this period had borrowed money from the government so that they could expand to help meet the needs of a larger food supply during World War I. After the war ended though there was not as much need for the larger food supply and many farmers started to fall back on paying their loans back to the government.…show more content…
Though both were under very hard times most farm families didn’t have much around them to go and look for a job. Many of the farms would be damaged due to no rain and the massive dust storms. These dust storms ruined a lot of land and even killed off agriculture that could have been used for meat or eggs or the families dairy supply. The depression really took farmers by the arm and literally threw them into the dust, it was a hard life to live at this time on the farm country of America. For some farmers it was all they knew how to do, it’s what they had raised their families on, and coming out of the depression with their farm must have been an outright miracle at the time. Farm life was very hard in this low time of economy and drought. Many people didn’t see past the first war that things would change once it had ended forcing people to go into debt and having to choose to support their families or to survive

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