The Popular Misconceptions Of Frank Sinatra's Life

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Is fame as glorious as we make it seem? We all assume famous people live a lavish life full of wealth and happiness. No one actually witnesses what goes on behind the scenes. The legendary and still prominent, Frank Sinatra, is the perfect example of one the many popular misconceptions today. Frank Sinatra not only excelled but went beyond music and became a true personality of our time. Whether you’re talking about his music, live performances, movies or simply living large, Frank Sinatra has done that all. He became an international figure, having the reputation as a celebrity, icon, bad boy and the greatest singer of American popular songs. Frank Sinatra was originally born in Hoboken New Jersey on December 12, 1915. At age 15, Sinatra dropped…show more content…
Shortly after the group had renamed themselves as the Hoboken Four. He didn't last too long with the Hoboken Four before he moved on to his new job at the Rustic Cabin also located in New Jersey where his mother arranged a job for him to be on a radio station called WNEW. He was now able to be heard all throughout New York City. In 1938 Frank was arrested on a morals charge when an old girlfriend accused him of a breach of promise which is no longer considered a crime. Along the years of 1940-1948 Frank accomplished quite a few things. He had three very bright and talented children with Nancy Barbato. He also joined Harry James’ band and recorded ten song with Harry James for the Brunswick and Columbia labels. But he didn't stop there that’s for sure. He was approached by Tommy Dorsey to join his band and of course he could not refuse. It seemed as if the luck was always in his favor. Frank reached the top very quickly. He was in top position of male singer polls in magazines such as Billboard and Downbeat. Seeing as how quickly he was rising he then left the Dorsey Band just as he left the others and recorded his first solo tracks. His songs went viral and he got the opportunity to

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