Bull Sharks Research Paper

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On Earth, water makes up ¾ the surface of the planet and is one of the most important resources that keep lives on Earth alive. Most of the human’s activities are associated with water so we decided to live near where the water is: rivers, lakes, ponds, estuaries... It becomes fear when we, a species that does not evolve to adapt to the water environment, enter the water-kingdom of many “dangerous” animals and one of them is sharks. Because of its aggressive behavior and the ability to live in many water environments, bull sharks are considered as one of the most dangerous animasl to human. The bull sharks’ scientific name is Carcharhinus leucas; it belongs to the Carcharhinidae family, which a branch of Carcharhiniformes order. Bull sharks are mostly distributed among the coastal water of tropical and subtropical around the world as well as river systems and some lakes where the majority of sharks can't survive. As a member of the Carcharhinid sharks group, bull sharks also have replaceable teeth, quickly adapted eyes to the light sources…show more content…
Sharks must live in seawater because they need to keep a certain level of salt inside their bodies. Without the salt, the cells will burst which leads to death. Bull sharks can adapt their body to the freshwater by the process called osmoregulation. Osmoregulation makes the bull sharks’ kidneys remove less salt and more urea to prevent the bursting of cells when the animals enter freshwater. Also there are special glands which are located near their tail, aid salt to the bloodstream the keep the salt level constant. When they live in seawater the process of osmoregulation reverse: more salt and less water are removed. Osmoregulation is the process that helps the bull shark freely move back and forth between the ocean, rivers,

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