Gallagher's Argument Essay: Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized?

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While reading your opinion and debate on same-sex marriage, I found myself agreeing with many of the points that you included in your discussion. To begin with, I also chose to react to the same articles, by Rauch and Gallagher. Both of the arguments helped me develop my opinion on this topic as well, Rauch’s positively affecting me to argue for gay marriage, and Gallagher’s negatively affecting me, to go against mostly everything that she said. I will also state that I agree, the Supreme Court got it right when they made the decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states. After reading Gallagher’s article, I was astonished by her argument to prove that same-sex marriage shouldn’t be allowed. Along with you, the main problem I had with her article was her idea that marriage should focus primarily on “having and raising children.” (Gallagher 261) The statement…show more content…
Another point that I also disagreed with by Gallagher was when she stated that if we legalizing same-sex marriage, “we will lose the central meaning of marriage.” (Gallagher 264) I don’t think same sex marriage would affect the meaning of marriage in any way, as I stated in my own discussion. Along with you, I think she does in fact fail to understand the true meaning of marriage, besides just having children. The main reason I also agreed with Rauch is because, he has an overall better view on what marriage stands for, rather than Gallagher’s opinion on marriage. I also saw that while

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