The New Adulteress Analysis

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“The New Adulteress” by “Jessie Knadler, 2008” is a poll of 1,393 women that were asked to weigh in on cheating. They were asked if there are chances that they would cheat on a man. In this survey different question were asked, first question was if they were romantically involved with a taken man, 46.3% of them said “Yes” and 53.7% of them said “No”. This means the occurrence that a woman cheating is very prominent in this generation. The next question that was asked is if there are circumstances in which they think cheating with a taken man is justified, 79.2% said “No—If a guy is taken, he’s off-limits” 9.2% said “Sure—if a woman wants a man, she should pursue him” while 11.5% “ Yes—but only if he’s planning on leaving his wife/girlfriend”, this question clears out the point of view of woman, that man are absolutely exclusive since there are 1/3 of the respondents said that men are off limits when they…show more content…
If this incident acceptance is an indication that the Other woman is being stigmatized less now in the past 67.9% said “Yes”, while 32.1% “No”, which means because of Angelina Jolie’s popularity, her being tagged as a mistress is much less of a disgrace now to her than before. The next question asked is if they were choose one, between being the mistress or the wife who gets cheated on, there are more women who would rather be the mistress with 62.6%, which is more than half of the women, rather than be the one who gets cheated on which is 37.4% of the respondents. Though this not apply with all women in other countries, but faced with this

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