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When someone says they are going to join the military people think that they are going to be infantry. Because of all of the war movies and videos on YouTube, people believe that if you join the services; then you will be on the front lines. The truth is that the military is not just being an infantryman. There are many non-combat jobs in the military and benefits you can get by enlisting. Some of these benefits of enlisting in the military include Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), and scholarships. Each of these benefits help prepare for life in the military or life as a civilian. When a work application is submitted and people see that you served in the military, they know that…show more content…
If you choose to go to ROTC and you become a second or third year student you may be eligible for a scholarship. "Carter also said additional scholarships will be made available for two- and three-year ROTC students" (Dickstein,2016,p.3). When you join ROTC you may also be eligible for a scholarship if you attend law or medical school. "The department will also offer more scholarships to ROTC students to attend law and medical school after graduation"(Dickstein,2016,p.4). If you graduate finishing the ROTC program you get a commision. You will then go to officer training for the branch you are assigned once you complete the training you will get a promotion to second lieutenant. “After completing your time in ROTC, you’ll earn your commission and go to Basic Officer Leaders’ Course to receive training in your specific branch”(Cornell University). Once you are active for about a year after the officers training you will get a promotion to first lieutenant. “18 months after commissioning or starting active duty you will be promoted to first lieutenant”(Cornell

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