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All the essays that were read by the class where great pieces of writing and really made me think about or enjoy that didn’t really come to mind very often. All the possibilities that came to mind for the connections were good ones but the one that I thought was the most creative way was to connect the train ride to the movie the polar express a great movie that was originally a writing of passage also written by Chris Van Allsburg. At the beginning of the polar express we are introduced to the main character a young boy that is anticipating Christmas day but is awoken by a steam engine and all though doubting embarks in an epic journey to the north pole. The story the train ride also begins with a young boy taking a trip on a train for the…show more content…
In the end, the boy depicted in the train ride was given a chance buy the conductor to retrieve the wallet left behind at the train station as the train stopped and began to travel backwards, and the boy excitedly waited to see if the train would stop at the station from where he traveled. In the movie and book the polar express although grasping the ticket tightly it is sucked into an air vent and to the roof of the fast moving train and must try and chase it down but before he can he is stopped by a man holding the ticket then after some amazing skiing the boy is safe and has in his possession, the ticket . Finally by the end both men the conductor and the man on the roof aka a hobo were given varying amounts of gratitude for the deed that they had done for the young boys and there are very few things that are anything like the gratitude of a young boy gratitude for the deed that they had done. I connected these two stories because the polar express is one of my all time favourite movies and for good reason there is adventure and action at every turn and not to mention the tie with Christmas my favourite family gathering of the

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