Sandy Townsend's Case Study

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In Townsend’s case Mickey Jameson believes that his mother was killed by her boss Sandy Townsend. While in the other side, Townsend believes that he did not commit any crime. He was only being a good man who offered Teresa a job when she was homeless. The factors that causes Townsend to be found guilty is that during the occurrence he was already mad at Teresa for doing something bad to the horsemeat. Therefore, Teresa was fired she was not able to obtain a job. She went back to ask Townsend for her old job back. He denied her the chance of obtaining her job back. Mickey was outside waiting for her mom to finish talking to Townsend. Mickey saw Townsend outside the café without his mother. The last person who saw Teresa was Townsend. Also another factor is that he was acting suspicious and carrying a bag. He wanted to leave in hurry. Also, they found finger prints and blood in the weapon that was used to kill Teresa. The finger prints was identified to be Townsend. In the other hand, Townsend…show more content…
She was upset when Townsend would not hire her. In the other hand, there was evidence that states that he did killed Teresa because he could have seemed that he hated her because she did not came on work on time. He always had to talk her and tell her she has to come on time. She did not care about her job. The authority did find the weapon that was used to kill Teresa. They also used Mickey Jameson testimony in order to tell the court that he was with her when she went to ask for her job back. The last person who was with her was Townsend. They could have been both arguing and things got worse that he or she could have hatted each other because Teresa was desperate in need of a job because she became homeless again and couldn’t support her son after her husband left her for another

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