The Monarchical Government In The 16th Century

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The monarchical government years took place in the sixteenth century. Those who became monarchical government leaders took on many a role and achieved much for History in their short time at power. The two monarchical government’s which I will focus on are France, who was run by Charles VII of France and later by Louis XI of France and secondly the monarchical government of England who was ran by Henry VII of England. I feel that these two countries are great examples of showing how the monarchical governments of the 16th century where strengthened as they all came before this time, showing that these countries is what got it to what it would be in the sixteenth century. The duty of the new monarchs was to ‘consolidate power and create the foundation for Europe’s first modern-nation in England and France’…show more content…
In England, Henry VII, pursued much in his career as did the leaders in France. The characteristics for a Monarchical Government where that they reduced the power of the nobility true taxing people, confiscating their land and hiring armies and also creating standard armies. Also, gunpowder was brought in this strengthened the power of the noble men and the knights. Another characteristics of the monarchical government was that they had reduced the power of the clergy .It was now said that the Church and the Supreme were no longer equal this was within belief and practice. There are many factors which lay behind the strengthening of the monarchical government, such as more efficient bureaucracies were invented this let the ‘ New Monarchs’ to begin unifying there control of the

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