The Merchant Of Venice Analysis

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The Merchant of Venice Discussion Questions Act I, Scene 1 Act I, Scene 1 was intriguing and an amazing opener to the rest of the play. This scene takes place in a 16th century street in Venice. The reader learns about Antonio, Salerio, Solanio, Bassanio, Lorenzo and Gratiano. Antonio is one of the main characters, he is sad, but doesn’t know why. He is given many reasons by his companions Salerio and Solanio. Antonio’s friend, Bassanio, comes to visit and shares news. Antonio is told of Bassanio’s plan to marry the rich heiress, Portia, and use her money to pay back his debts, but Bassanio needs money from Antonio because he is broke. Antonio promises to help Bassanio borrow money from the money lenders, so he can visit Portia and win her over. This scene created a well written background for Act 1, Scene 2. Antonio is sad because he believes “every man must play a part, and mine is a sad one” (I, I, 78-79). He does not know the cause because he believes it is just who he is. The guesses that Solanio and Salerio have made about the cause of Antonio’s depression are that he could be in love or worried about his ships, Antonio’s depression is lifted when his friend Bassanio arrives. Bassanio has come to tell Antonio that he is broke and needs money. Bassanio sets his sights on Portia because he needs money, she is rich…show more content…
Furthermore, Nerissa lets Portia do the talking and only inputs advice when needed. Antonio and Bassanio’s relationship is balanced, where neither man is above or below the other. They treat each other with equal respect and both share advice and troubles. Their relationships are the same because they all have respect for the other in some

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