Mount Everest Research Paper

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From recent news, 219 people have died in order to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Despite fact that many people have died in young years trying to get new experience and thrill, popularity of adventure sports like mountaineering, downhill mountain biking and base jumping are increasing. On May 16, 2015 an extreme sportsman and BASE jumper, Dean Potter crashed while trying to fly through an outcropping and was found dead many hours later…. His interest in risk sports оянды when he was only 13. From that time his passion for extreme sports итермеледы to leave a university and seriously заниматься спортом. After certain time , he has proved that he is a professional climber.Ол өзінің ештеңеден қорықпайтын қайсар мінезімен әлемге әйгілі болды.

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