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Shirley Jackson was born in San Franciso on December 14,1916 and spent her childhood in Burlingame California, where she began writing poetry and short stories as a young teenager. And she died August 8,1965. Some of the Major Achievements that she did was the novels that she wrote they were, The Road Through the Wall- Shirley Jackson Published this book in 1948.It draes upon Jackson's own experiences growing up in Burlingame,California. This novel relates life on Pepper Street, a suburban,middle class neighborhood in Cabrillo,California. The novel describes the way in which a hole being torn through the wall that has long cut off the end of the street disrupts life in the community. Hangsman- Shirley Published this book in 1951. It was about a college…show more content…
"A Reading of Shirley Jackson's The Lottery" New Orleans Review, vol 12, no.1 (Spring 1985), pp.27-32. This source would take you to the book called The Lottery a shory by Shirley Jackson. This book was writtten June 1948.This story decribes a small town in contemporary America which had an annul ritual known as "the lottery".It had been described as "one of the most famous short stories in the history of American literature", as well as being described as "a Chilling tale of conformity gone mad". Its when children gather stones as the adult townsfolk is practiced to ensure to a good harvest though there are some rumors that nearby communities are talking about giving up the lottery. Oppenheimer, Judy. Private Demons: The Life Of Shirley Jackson.New York: Putnam, 1988 This source would take you to the life of Shirley Jackson and what she was like when she was little. Shirley graduated from high school and attened 2 colleges she she recieved a bachelors degree in one of them.She then got married and started her carreer in writing novels and books she died and the books are now still

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