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Despite Qin Dynasty was one of the most important roles in Chinese history and it influence on the following dynasties but there were some weakness that made this dynasty collapsed and became one of the shortest in all of Chinese history which last only about 15 years. There are some reasons that made the Qin Dynasty collapsed. First, it’s about the bad management. The Emperor Qin SiHuang who created the Qin dynasty held too much power alone in terms of military or leadership. According to history, after the died of this emperor ,Qin Er shi was made as the second emperor at the age of 21 has faced much troubles after the death of his father, there was no one who could replace the mighty emperor to solve this situation. Moreover the weakness of this emperor has…show more content…
Despite of the influence of this two ambitious political adviser had made the Qin Dynasty poorer and poorer, this dynasty might be also no longer lasting even the first emperor still alive because of the aggressive and violent to the people. This emperor had made people became angrier and angrier day by day because people used as enslaved for war, luxurious palaces and structure to satisfy his whim. The Great Wall china and the Terracotta army was part of the better fruit of his whim. Moreover, The first emperor had made many people suffer. They had to face burdensome taxes, which were spent on the emperor effort to fortify his military and fund for this infrastructure. In addition, he also tried to keep his citizen from the intellectual growth. He did this by burning the scrolls and books that contain many knowledge and Philosophy. This absolute power that the emperor and the staff wanted for themselves, and the dynasty may quickly ended in assassination, foolish policy, people rebellion and by the bad effect of great construction projects. The projects had caused the Qin dynasty was so extravagant about the finance.

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