Ethical Lens Inventory Research Paper

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Ethical Lens Inventory: Rights and Responsibility Ethics are a set of values that defines a person’s outlook on life. This is what one determines is morally good and bad behavior (Merriam Webster, 2015). One person’s ethical decisions develop from their background in life and the traits that are developed from those influences. These behaviors dictate actions which can be described through different ethical lens. The Rights and Responsibility lens is one that values independence and logic which can align or conflict with colleague’s individual lens types. The goal of ethical understanding is to know one’s individual lens type, how their own ideas affect others, and determining the best course of action to ensure different ethical lens work together. Within the Ethical Lens inventory there are four…show more content…
Each of these lens hold different characteristics at a higher value than the other. No one lens is right or wrong; better than the other; it is just a different perspective. The Rights and Responsibility lens holds the core values of autonomy and rationality. These individuals protect the rights of individuals and prefer rationality over sensibility, using logic and reason to guide one’s path over intuition and emotion. Temperance, or ___________ allows the individual balance and restraint in the desire for pleasure. Responsibility for this individuals is an important value, it depicts a person who upholds the value of doing the right thing for everyone…. Justice. Critical thinking skills are also preferred as a means of …….,.. problem solving. These individuals carefully and thoroughly research and reflect different options rather than plunging into an idea. Their strong belief in justice for all is also a down fall in that there is no room for grey. This means that

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