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My Kingdom Is Better Than Yours In the novel, The King Must Die , Mary Renault acknowledges that moira and good leadership skills exhibit qualities of a great king. In the novel, gods are expected to be seen and moira is the fate. The novel’s concept of moira is that not everyone understands the depth of their fate. True identity is the main concept of the novel ;we are put in this unknown world as children. During the novel, King Pittheus explains to the young Theseus the concept of moira."Moira?," he said,"The finished shape of our fate, the line drawn round it. It is the task the gods allot us, and the share of glory they allow; the limits we must not pass; and our appointed end. Moira is all these” (15-16). Theseus searches for…show more content…
This quotation is saying that theseus is telling the young man that he is fit to judge, he is king . In our eyes the only person that is fit to judge is Jesus Christ. We all have a destiny and a outcome how we live today does affect our tomorrow. So that is what I think Mary Renaults wants us to see that everyone is a leader in their different way. Mary Renault uses a great deal real life examples to show us that honestly some of the things we do today, the Greeks did back then. I was able to understand what fate is all about. We all struggles to understand our calling sometimes. It just lets me know that whatever you want to do, become or even are thinking about, everyone has a calling. It is up to us to fulfill it in everyday Greek and human life. Mary Renault uses ultimate examples to show how moira and great leadership skills exhibit qualities of being a outstanding kingmanship. Years later, after many other adventures and hardship, in his old age, when Poseidon no longer speaks to him, Theseus knows only that the fate of man is beyond his ability to understand. It took Theseus a long time to overcome society and the disabilities and advantages of being a qualified

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