The Karate Kid: Personal Credo

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Personal Credo There are many ways for one to live their life. Although there is no one way that any person can go that can guaruntee a meaningful and satisfying life, there are a few aspects that I personally believe will help one live a joyous life. It is always important to find joy in anything that you can, apply your skills wherever they can be showcased, and to not live to impress everybody. While a proper education and a profitable career are both very important in life, what good is it if you do not enjoy what you do? While having a lot of money is very desirable, finding happiness in your daily routine is what really matters. For instance, even if you have a very profitable career, what is the use if you have no reason to use said profit? If you have no motivation to do anything with your money, what is the point to even having it at all? In conclusion, although having a well-paying job is important for a satisfactory life, having a…show more content…
No matter how much you know, or the amount of things that you can do, If you don't know the correct time and place to use these aquired skills, they are useless to you. This is showcased quite clearly in the 1984 film The Karate Kid. In this film, the main character, Daniel, is trained by Mr. Miyagi, his Sensei, in the ways of karate to stop the constant bullying that has plagued him. While Daniel believes that he is simply doing chores such as waxing a car for Mr. Miyagi, he is actually being trained subconciously in the ways of karate. To illustrate, Mr. Miyagi tells Daniel to wax a car by saying "Wax on, right hand. Wax off, left hand". While this seems to have no point to Daniel at he time, he soon realises that what My. Miyagi was secretly teaching him was how to block using the motions that were used while waxing the car. To reiterate, although something may seem useless at the time, there may be a use to it later in

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