Aretha Louise Franklin: Queen Of Soul

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Aretha Louise Franklin, Queen of Soul, is one of the most influential female singers of the century and her lengthy career has inspired millions of people all over the world. Aretha Franklin was born in 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee to a family that was deeply religious family which would have enormous impact on her career. Franklin first started singing with the gospel choir in her father’s church which lead to her perfuming gospel solos and recording her first gospel album at the age of fourteen. Aretha had two children, one at fifteen and the other at the age of seventeen. The period during which she had her children would be one of the few breaks in Aretha’s career. She moved to New York and was immediately signed to a record label and hasn’t stopped signing and recording music. Her religious background, the ability of her music to crossover into different genres, and her powerful voice has garnered several awards. Franklin has received a Presidential Medal of Freedom, 18 Grammy awards, is the first female artist that was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and numerous doctorates for her work as a recording artist. Her music spans the gamut of musical genres with songs like “Yield Not to Temptation”, “Chain of Fools”, “and Freeway of Love”, and her recent cover of Adele’s “Rolling” in the Deep. Franklin has appeared in films most notably the Blues Brothers and also written an autobiography. Her ability to combine her soulful voice with her tremendous vocal range have…show more content…
Her success during that time period was inspiring and helped to give fuel to those that were involved in or cared about the movement. As a result she became a powerful figure for equal rights and equality not just for racial equality but giving by a voice to African American women and all

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