The Importance Of Yossarian's Character In 'Catch-22'

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Abstract The novel starts out with horrific advice, and then there is a bit of a cushion in the remaining part of the novel for the readers to absorb the information given to them. The horrific attacks start out with an attack on an Indian village, characters then start to disappear more rapidly, leading to the overall effect of the novel ending on such an upbeat note. Jen Bocker Instructor Steven Harper Pre-AP English Honors IV 15 August, 2014 Catch-22 Yossarian, a World War II soldier, is stationed on a coast near the Mediterranean Sea. There is constant conflict with the way brutal situations keep appearing and happening during the time of the war. “Yossarian is furious that his life is in constant danger through no fault of his own.” With that being said, his desire to live in continuously demonstrated throughout the novel. Yossarian has constant nostalgic memories of Snowden, who is a former soldier that died in Yossarian’s arms during a mission. That event greatly affected Yossarian, and he describes his…show more content…
Yossarian can go home from the war if he becomes friends with Colonel Cathcart and Colonel Korn to later become “one of the boys.” Korn tells Yossarian that the war is going to make him go home feeling like a hero, but in reality the Colonel’s just did this so they can look good to their superiors. When Yossarian finds out that is the case, he tells everyone else in the group that they should have their commanders treat them with more respect. The epiphany expressed at the end of the novel finally comes about when he suddenly realizes that it is possible to defeat the military as well as the Catch-22. Yossarian claims he is not running away from his priorities, but instead running to them. With that being said, there is nothing negative about his life that he wishes to save

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