The Importance Of Communication In Cosmetology

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Its important, especially for the cosmetology profession, that you reflect on your communication skills. Whether you are a professional, or not, everyone has room for improvement. A necessary part of the communication process, is being a good listener. That's one of the main things people think of when thinking about improving, but there are multiple other aspects people can work on. For me it would be talking over others and also eye contact. One of my biggest struggles when communicating with others, is talking over them. I have noticed in the past couple of months that sometimes I get so caught up in my own thoughts that I completely talk over the other person to get to my thought across first. Every now and then I'll catch myself doing so, but other times I don't realize it till after. When thinking about it I notice that it shows others that I don't care what they have to say, which is disrespectful. From now on I…show more content…
Eye contact is viewed as such an uncomfortable situation because you never know when its too much. Even though sometimes you feel like you are just starting them down, it does show the other person you care and respect them and what they have to say, because you are focusing on the conversation. I have improved my eye contact a little since starting school but I have so much more room for improvement. That being said I have decided to follow some guidelines to certain situations on how to keep a comfortable amount of eye contact when talking to either a business associate or in a personal relationship. For a business associate you should look right about in between the eyes so it gives the illusion you are looking right directly in their eyes, but so its still comfortable for the both of you. As for a personal relationship, you should look at the bridge of the nose for the same reasons, ones just more professional and the other is more personal. It will be a working progress for

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