The Horror Of Dracula Exposed In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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In 1897, Bram Stoker released the film Dracula to the world. The dead, pale vampire injected a supernatural fear into his viewers. His ability to transform his unfortunate victims into immortals, like himself, with a single bite frightened the captive audience. Dracula formed the traditional mold for the everyday vampire. He began the vampire trend of having enhanced senses, speed, and strength, the craving mouth-watering blood to survive, and unnatural self-healing powers. However, the use of sunlight to terminate a vampire was not established until 1922 when the film Nosferatu was released. Most writers, who decided to cast their main character as a vampire, chose to follow Stoker's Dracula mold in order to create fear in the audience. There…show more content…
This legend applies to young Eli as well. Oskar offers Eli a piece of candy, but she refuses. When Oskar says, "Too bad", Eli replies with "Maybe I can try a piece." She eats it and in the following scene, she has an arm extended against a wall, throwing up because of the candy. Eli cannot eat the same type of food that humans eat because it upsets her stomach causing her to throw up. Her body is accustomed to only consuming blood. She has a caretaker who goes out and finds blood for Eli to consume. The caretaker is an older gentleman with wrinkles carved into his face. He goes out at night with a black bag and finds an unlucky victim. He would hang an unconscious person upside down with the feet tied, and create incisions to drain the blood out. A container was placed under the dangling victim to collect all the precious blood. An accident occurred to Eli's caretaker, which led to him not being able to take care of Eli. This forced Eli to hunt for her own meal. Since she was only twelve years old, most of her prey victims were larger than her. However, this did not stop her. She attacked one man, leaving him dead on the side of a pathway. In one scene from the movie, she also attacked a woman, but Eli did not kill her. Eli was interrupted by a man who kicked her off of her prey. Ginia, the women that Eli attacked, did not die because she was transformed into a vampire by Eli's bite. Ginia eventually was placed in a hospital by her friend. She knew what she had become from the bite, and asked a doctor to open the window blinds, which allowed the sunlight to beam in, causing her to burst into flames and killed her. This reinforces the idea of sunlight used to eliminate a

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