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“Lion: '...What makes a king out of a slave?' Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow: ' Courage.' - 'What makes an army of ants march?' - 'Courage.' - 'What makes the badger face his enemy on the rocks?' - 'Courage' – 'What makes the sun rise above the dawn?' - 'Courage!' ” [Seeking Oz – Adaption of book (by Frank Baum) by Amy Seitz, pgs. 34-35] Courage is the thing that makes things happen, the character trait that makes people do dangerous things, and it is very needed and necessary in people (or Hobbits) that have a large and dangerous task to complete; but how do we find the courage? How do the Hobbits find the courage? Where is courage to be found? The Elves answer this question in The Lord Of The Rings on page 84 by saying, “Courage is found in…show more content…
What?! But danger is the place that you are most afraid and lacking courage? Yes, but it is also the place that courage is found and formed. Every time someone goes through a dangerous situation, it molds them. It takes their fear and their fear burns bright, showing just how much they lack courage. However, once the danger is over, this burning fear has proven to burn away, as if refined by the fire, leaving only the small amount of courage that did show in the event, and this small amount of courage builds with every danger just like muscles build when you work out, by breaking down the old limits, so that new heights can be…show more content…
Frodo's parents died when he was young and he was left all alone (pg. 23), but that built courage. Frodo was threatened and terrified by Farmer Maggot (pgs. 91-92), but that built respect and courage. Frodo is being chased by the Black Riders and keeps catching glimpses of them , scaring them bad (pg. 89), but building the courage necessary for later. And Frodo was so afraid of the Barrow-Wight, after being captured, that he nearly fled and left his friends, “but the courage that had been awakened in him was now too strong; he could not leave his friends so easily.” (pg.141). Whether it be in desperation for one's own life, or in protection of one's friends, danger forces to the light all the courage that you have, and then you can find courage in the unlikely place of

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