The Hero With A Thousand Faces Book Analysis

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Joseph Campbell is the author of “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, a book in which he explains the concept of what is a “Hero’s Journey”. This is also called monomyth, he proposes that all myths, storys around the world follow the same pattern. Campbells puts this monomyth in a template or outline based on tree steps: Departure, Initiation and return. But, they can also be more deglosed in more steps: Call to adventure, Assistance, Departure, Trials, Approach, Crisis, Treasure, Result, Return, Life, Resolution. We can try his concept in modern novels or stories, and one that can really be used is “The Hunger Games” by Katniss Everdeen, was just a 16 years old teenager, living life just like her other compatriots in District 12, working, going to school, living in a shadow of poverty in which they worked for others in a much higher position. Her district was the one with least of things, food, cleaning and in this life she was living she had a mother, a sister and her friend, to accompany her. Every year each district choose randomly two…show more content…
When she got up and twirl the dress looked like it was on flames. This was one of her trials, because she needed to gain the sympathy of the people of the Capitol, which are the one who can make donations during the Hunger Games. Another trial was when she needed to prove her talents in front of It’s when Katniss has a run in with a group of higher up district player that she step by step approaches to the resolution of her path. She spots them and unfortunately they also spot her. She makes a temporary escape up in a tree, but this did not last long. After this Rue, a girl from District 11 helps her out and they make an escape, also even when Peeta is with the group that wanted to attack her, Katniss learns that Peeta is loyalty to her, because he was trying to protect

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