The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Analysis

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In the Main Gallery of the UA Museum of Art, two paintings can be found that represent the characters John Singer and Jake Blount in The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. Untitled by Richard Serra is a very simple painting that can be used to represent the mute man. Number 20, 1950 by Jackson Pollock is a rather complex painting that can be used to represent Jake Blount, especially the chaos that goes on in his mind. Although at first these paintings seem completely different in every way, if you look close enough you will be able to see the similarities between the two. Blount and Singer also seem like opposites, but have some hidden similarities as well. The most obvious difference between the two paintings is that the one that represents John Singer…show more content…
Blount’s head is filled with ideas that he wants to share with the world, and he also has a lot of anger he wants to get out of him. Singer is very calm and pays attention to him the entire time. A very important thing to realize is that Singer used to be just like Blount, but he would share his ideas with Antonopoulos. Singer wouldn’t necessarily get angry as Blount does, but he would have a million ideas he would want to tell his friend. He has now shifted to the role of listening and understanding, but not really contributing, which is the role Antonopoulos used to occupy. Singer and Blount both have so many ideas that they want to share, and this is the small similarity between them. They both want someone who is willing to listen, even if they might not understand anything at all. The square shapes of the paintings and the dark backgrounds are similarities that many people might look past at first. Both paintings are also surrounded by lighter colors, which is another similarity. These paintings are actually very similar when you look past the mess of colors on Number 20,

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