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Cuong Dinh – MW – (3-4:15pm) Immunization Quiz (20 points) Due Monday October 5 1. The theory behind the effectiveness of vaccines is, they work because vaccines confer immunity. What is the process? Vaccines is a shot or immunization that contains substances that will enable the body to create antibodies to fight off certain pathogen or infectious diseases. In other words, a vaccine shot contains some pathogens or dead microorganism that is injected into the body so the immune system can recognize the pathogens and will make antibodies to kill it. Vaccine is harmless to the body and somewhat mimic pathogens and weaken microorganism so the body can recognize it as harmful and cure by making antibodies. These microorganisms is harmless when…show more content…
Inside the body, T-lymphocyte (destroy infected agents) and B-lymphocyte (synthesize and release antibodies) works together to destroy the harmful infectious agents. These lymphocytes are working when the body is invade by microbes and are functioning to eliminate it. 3. What is a lag time? Which process do you see a short lag time? Which process is long? Lag phase is the time it takes for the body to initiate the production of antibodies after detecting antigens. Usually this will extends from 3 to 6 days. Due to its first exposure to the antigen, lag phase will be relatively long in the primary response. In the secondary response, lag phase will be relatively since the body is getting expose to the same antigens. This is due to memory lymphocyte developed in the primary response. 4. What is passive immunity? Passive immunity is the result of acquire immunity to fight against pathogen or infectious agent from another individual without having a direct contact with pathogen or infection. It can occur two ways: naturally or artificially. Naturally acquire passive immunity occur an immune mother breastfeed her baby. Artificially acquire passive immunity occur when immune blood serum of an individual is transfer into the body of

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