The Handmaid's Tale Analysis

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Courtney Roberts Ap English Independent Assignment The Handmaid’s Tale Content 1: Night (1) • People called Aunts guard the people. • Five characters introduced. • They secretly talk at night. • Setting is in a gym with a fence around it. • Yearning- longing for something • Handmaid camp. • Short chapter. Content 2: Shopping (2-6) • Serena was in a gospel singing and gardened. • Nick flirts with Offred. • Fraternize- behave like a brother • Multiple colored uniforms. • Serena wants Offred to stay away. • Setting is the new place called “The Republic of Gilead.” • Offered needs to get use to her new life. • Offred went through Handmaid training, they used biblical verses to help train the women. Content 3: Night (7) • Janine is…show more content…
• Offred starts remembering her past lif, good and bad things.. • Handmaid's aren't allowed to write. • Short chapter. • Handmaid's went shopping. Content 4: Waiting Room (8-12) • Offred's room is a mess and has Latin wrote on it. • When the Handmaid's walk home they notice all kinds of interesting things. • Serena stayed at home most days. • Nostalgic- affection for the past • Gays and Lesbians wasn't allowed back than. • No music. • Doctor offers to have sex with Offerd because The Commander is kind of infertile. • Offerd refuses the doctors offer because she would be hurt. • Offerd did much of nothing besides going to the store and trying to have The Commanders child. • Thought of daughter in tub. • She is scared to be naked. • She eats nasty lunch and than takes with her. • Has tattoo. Content 5: Nap (13) • Aunt- trainer of Handmaid's at the Red House • Offers wasn't allowed to talk to Moira but did in secret. • Short chapter. • Women are more fertile than men. • Offred almost died and was harmed when captured. • Handmaid and family got together to get stuff off of their shoulders. Content 6: Household (14-17) • Beautitude- supreme…show more content…
• Swoon- faint from emotion. • Offred has new feelings arising for The Commander. • Offred gets a magazine. • Part of a Handmaid's job is shopping for the family. • US people was killed and their ways was banned. • Ofglen and Offred are close friends recently. Content 11: Night (30) • Handmaid's pray. • Memories of past are not as common. • Short chapter. • Summer time. • Offred is going mental. Content 12: Jezebel’s (31-39) • Men so called could do everything better. • Serena gives Offred a prize for having sex with Nick. • Serena wants to play the child of Nick and Offred's as The Commanders child. • Offred has a crazy plan. • Mayday=password. • Always on a time frame. • Offred and The Commander build more trust day in and day out. • The Commander gives Offred makeup. • The Commander tries new things with Offerd to try to actually make the child. • Hand signals are very commonly used in this book. • Setting is a hotel. Content 13: Night (40) • Offred still loves Luke. • Short chapter. • Serena sets up sex for Nick and Offred. • Offred is excited to have sex with Nick but later regrets. • Serena wanted them to have sex because she knows her husband is more than likely

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