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Guys and Dolls is one of the most memorable works by Frank Loesser. It features many standards used in the American Musical Theatre cannon today. The real draw is the script: based on stories by Damon Runyon and spruced up by ‘His Girl Friday’ scribe Ben Hecht. Ruyon’s creates a world in which the characters are bigger than life. But within these larger than life characters, he creates a touch of humanity. This humanity would focus on the essential goodness of the characters and dignified his characters. In New York, the smalltime gambler Nathan Detroit has been eloping from getting married with his girlfriend Adelaide for fourteen years. Nathan needs one thousand dollars in advance to rent a place for the crap game but neither he nor his friends Nicely-Nicely Johnson and Benny Southstreet can afford. Nathan decides to bet against the gambler Sky Masterson, challenging him to have a dinner in Havana with a woman of his choice. Sky accepts the bet and Nathan chooses Sergeant Sarah Brown, who runs a mission for sinners. Sky visits…show more content…
He fully captures the language of the streets and from there built characters rooted in the realism of the time. Many of the lyrics and dialogue of the Guys and Dolls utilized the patronage of the streets. Characters like, Harry the Horse, Big Jule, Nicely-Nicely Johnson, and Joey Biltmore utilized this language. In this world, “guys” are men and “dolls” are women. Other gender slang included, “bum” and “broad,” which helps create stronger character development for the world they live in. The great thing about this language is that it never distracts from the songs or dialogue. This does an excellent job at keeping the story within the period of the show. Everything stays honest and true to the character development, and it keeps everything honest. It’s this dedication to the period styling of the show that makes it an excellent world to immerse yourself

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