The Giant's House Character Analysis

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The Giant’s House In the story “The Giant’s House” Peggy’s determination almost help’s James find what he needs. James a tall boy need’s books about tall people such as himself. Peggy tells James where to look, but nothing was of what James wanted. They both were looking in the entire library and nothing yet. James need’s books about tall people like him, will Peggy find exactly what James needs? Prior to James finding the books he needs, James was looking in a small town library with very little book’s. James checks catalogs like Peggy instructed, but couldn’t find anything. The book he was looking for was about tall people. However before all this, when Peggy saw James coming to her desk she thought James would want a book on sports because of his height. Later, James had gone to many doctors in his life due to his height. Late, that day in the library James had to leave the library for how late it was. James depended on Peggy to help him find book’s about him. Peggy was frugal about time since James would be back in the morning. “Tall people? Tall people in general.” (Pg. 8)…show more content…
Peggy looked and looked making it look like as if it was her avocation. Peggy then described James as a giant so Peggy looked u the word “Giant.” Peggy didn’t really find very much on the word giant, but what she found she didn’t like. Peggy found books on the circus and medical books. Peggy didn’t want to show James what she found. “The night I wrote down the page and volume numbers, thinking I could not bear to tell him the word to look under.” (Pg. 9) Peggy didn’t want to show James what she found so she marked the pages in the books for James to read, Peggy doesn’t want James to hate himself for what he’s become. Peggy even finds another book on a woman named Anna Swann, a tall person like James. The next day James had returned to the library to see if Peggy found

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