The Ghost Short Story: Anya's Ghost

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Over the course of the story, their relationship changes from strangers. Then trying to get know each other to friends and then best friends and then hating each other. They shared a typical relationship even though it seemed they were hard at getting along, at last, it seemed like they respected each other. At the end, Emily listened to Anya, even though at first she wanted to take over her and control her. When the ghost helps Anya for the first time during her test, she realises that the ghost could be helpful to her so she decides to have the ghost along with her as her friend. Later on Anya falls prey for the ghost’s words and believes all that Emily says to her. This shows how innocent Anya is. Though the ghost helps Anya in many ways…show more content…
We are first introduced to Annushka Borzakovskaya (Anya), a rather unpopular teenager who only has one person, Siobhan to call as her best friend. A series of events leads to Anya somehow befriending a ghost, Emily, a girl who was once her age, ninety years ago. At first, Anya was apprehensive about the ghost’s lingering presence over her, but as the story progresses, Anya warms up to Emily. Emily begins as an extremely friendly apparition, helping Anya through various instances, in exchange for some time and friendship in the mortal realm. Anya allows Emily to tag along as she saw the advantage of having a ghost by her side, which we could say is slightly selfish, but on the flip side Anya wanted to help Emily, since she had gone through a really tragic demise. The two bond over helping each other, Emily helps Anya tackle her school life and Anya helps Emily to be a part of the real world. We would think that the poor ghost is the victim of Anya’s selfishness, but Emily’s true self is revealed, much to the Anya’s horror. Emily becomes an overpowering, controlling, cruel monster who preys on Anya’s life and family. It is also revealed in the story that Emily wasn’t completely honest about her story, she wasn’t all that innocent, she was a cold hearted murderer. They forged a friendship on lies which ultimately affected them adversely,…show more content…
One day Anya goes to the library without Emily to research the killer, and finds that Emily had no fiancé, and had in fact murdered a young couple in their home after the man rejected her, and then died running from the authorities .At that point Anya comes to know that Emily wasn’t innocent but was a murdered. Anya drops the bone back into the well. Emily then possesses her own skeleton, and tries to climb out but, it couldn’t and fell back in. Later, Anya also rekindles her friendship with

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