The Genesis Of Entrepreneurship

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never fear the multiple failures for it only multiplies your knowledge. Chapter 1 Genesis of Entrepreneurship It all starts with The Exodus. In ‘The New Entrepreneur’s Bible’ Exodus precedes Genesis. Ironic isn’t it? ‘The New Entrepreneur’s Bible’ The journey of The New Entrepreneur begins with an Exodus. The Genesis of Entrepreneurship is the commencement of leaving a safe and secured place, for a barren land with vast sand dunes and rocky hills without visible prospects of life, prosperity and success. In simple terms it means venturing into the unknown – a leap of faith, but well-calculated. Enthusiasm and excitement have the tendency to rush people into business. It is generally known that people are normally fired-up after…show more content…
Today’s New Start-up needs the following, in order of priority: Passion, motivation, information, resources, knowledge, business networks, and a market. Ironically the journey of The New Entrepreneur starts with The Exodus and not Genesis like in the Bible. Having been part of many sessions, conferences, workshops and meetings, you discover how many people are in a hurry to start their entrepreneurial journey. More than often government is so quick to fund these ventures of people who are not well prepared to become entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial is that individual with the mind-set, attitude, passion, openness to learn, willingness to be guided, and the will to make unpopular decisions. The Genesis is the beginning and the Exodus the emerging from circumstances to break the chains of bondage for a life of freedom, abundance and prosperity. A good start means starting at the best point, and that is at the beginning. Exodus of ‘The New Entrepreneur’ “In nations with a history of bondage, slavery and freedom struggles, a legacy of ‘a life in shackles’ prevails unless the minds of people are freed” - Angus…show more content…
Hence the question: “should the same set of rules apply to SME entrepreneurs and conglomerates?” It is in the very economy that we find Roadside Entrepreneurs (Street Vendors) who are trading on the streets, squares, transport facilities, etc. These are men and women who are operating under difficult circumstance like, adverse weather conditions, adequate infrastructure, and pressing local trade regulations on the other hand. As we are having this conversation we are mindful of the fact that when we making reference to information with political connotation, we merely seek to contextualise the socio-economic impact past imbalances had on people everywhere it applied. A number of countries, including South Africa, are coming from historic backgrounds marked by inequalities, racial discrimination and segregation, that excluded certain population groups from mainstream economic

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