The Fiesta Of San Fermin

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San Fermin, one of the liveliest festivals in Spain, gathers about twenty-thousands people every year, to welcome the craziest week they’ve ever experienced. The San Fermin festival takes place in the Pamplona city, Spain. The fiesta includes events of running of the bulls, parades, traditional sports, and bullfight. All these events seem normal to Spanish except for the Running of the Bulls, or encierro. At first, people gather at the front of the corral, chant to pray for safety. Next a senior will fire three rockets, signals that the bulls are released from the corral, the run starts. After the people and the bulls arrive the bullring, dobladores will take the bulls back to the corral. The festival became well-known after the famous literature,…show more content…
The Fiesta of San Fermín.") The history of the bull running is unclear, since there is no exact evidence of the festival happening. At first the San Fermin contained only singing, dancing, and bullfights those traditional activities. Then the holiday was move to July 7th that is more conducive for the festival. Other events such as fireworks, tournaments, bull run, and the Parade of Giants were added later. Furthermore, the running of the bulls was an unpopular and boring event at that time. It became way more popular and safer after Hemingway’s masterpiece The Sun Also Rises was…show more content…
Protesters proposed that “dozens of runners are injured every year during the event, the majority from falls – but some are gored, which is potentially lethal.” ("Running of the Bulls: The History and Controversy of Pamplona's Famous Tradition.") Most of the injuries come from falls, which is likely to happen during dashes. Others are more serious, people are gored, or attacked by bulls. Those who are gored tend to rest in hospitals for days, some others died. According to the record, 15 people have died since 1924. Protesters also criticized on the animal rights issue. Electric prods and sticks, people’s attack can all hurt the bulls. "Pamplona's streets will once again be stained with blood from some of the 50 bulls who will stumble and fall, before all go to their deaths in the bullring," said Sascha Camilli, one of the activists. The problem of rights still question the running of the

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