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In the biblical alluding book The Alchemist written by Paulo Coelho, love is portrayed as the universal language of the world, or is the soul of the world, and something that can not stop you from achieving your own personal legends. There are many moments in the fable where the main character, Santiago, must understand what love is to complete several challenges he faces on his journey to his personal legend. In the boys travels to complete his personal legend, his first major task of understanding love is when he meets the love of his life, Fatima. The boy gets tempted not to finish his personal legend and stay with his true love, after spotting her at an oasis. He was willing to give up his personal legend at the drop of a hat just so he…show more content…
Upon arrival at the tribe camp, they are taken to the chief's tent where the Alchemist explains to the chief that the boy was an alchemist with the ability to turn himself into the wind in a matter of three days. As unafraid and curious the chief was he let the boy live for three days and waited patiently for the boy to turn himself to the wind. Unfortunately the bot had no idea how to turn himself into the wind but, when it came time to perform the task he spoke to the desert, the wind, and the sun. The wind feels that love is the circle of life and everyone and everything plays a part in it. The desert didn’t know how to the boy could turn himself into the wind so he suggested that the boy speak to the winds. When the wind blew on the boys face it told him that he can not be the wind and if the boy could, the wind didnt know how to help make the boy turn to the wind. The wind also knew nothing about love and told the boy to ask the sun who may know something of love, but again, another element of the world knew hardly anything of love or how to turn the boy into the wind. The sun tells the boy that only the minerals and the vegetables understand that everything is one, and everything would be a symphony if god had finished creating on the fifth day, the creation of man. So the sun told the boy to ask the hand

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